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HDD-related FAQs

  1. Human Error - 32%
    e.g. drops, accidental, deletions, spills
  2. Software Corruption - 15%
    e.g. failed backups, diagnostic or repair tool corruption
  3. Viruses - 8%
    e.g. boot sector viruses, file infecting viruses
  4. Natural Disasters - 3%
    e.g. floods, earthquakes, fires, power surges

No one is safe from accidental deletions, thieves, hard disk failures, viruses or hardware malfunction, so it's important to have a data backup.

Source: Seagate Technology

Available storage drives: 7 - 9.5 - 12.5 - 15 mm

CategoryModelMax. height of drive
XPC slimDS61, DS81, DS81L, DS87, DH110, DH110SE, DH170, DQ17012.5 mm
DS47, DS407T, DS437, DS437T, DS57U Series, DS67U Series12.5 mm
DX3012.5 mm
XH619.5 mm
XH61V, XH81, XH81V, XH97V, XH110, XH110V, XH170V9.5 mm lower bay
12.5 mm upper bay
XH110G9.5 mm
XS35 Series9.5 mm
XS36 Series9.5 mm
XPC nanoNC01U Series, NS01A, NS02A, NS02E7 mm
NC02U Series15 mm
NC03U Series15 mm
XPC all-in-oneX50V2, X50V2 Plus9.5 mm
X50V3, X50V3L, X50V4, X50V5, X70S, X70M12.5 mm
XPC accessoriesPHD39.5 mm

To make a large-size HDD one partition under Windows, please change the partition style from MBR to GPT in Disk Management as shown in the below picture.

The old Windows partition style MBR only supports up to 2 TB per partition, however the newer standard, called GPT (GUID Partition Table), supports up to 18 EB.

Old legacy BIOSes won't support bootable HDDs in GPT mode and require the BIOS to be EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) instead.

:!: Note: Shuttle adapted the EFI standard from SH61R4, SH67H3/H7, SZ68R5 and all other successors.

The below table shows the compatibility with large-size HDDs under Windows: (All most recent Windows versions).

OSPlatformBoot from GPT drive with Legacy BIOSBoot from GPT drive with EFIData disk only
Windows XP32-Bit
Windows Vista32-Bit
Windows 732-Bit
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