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Memory-related FAQs

The following table provides a current overview and will be continuously expanded to include compatible XPC models.

Successfully tested modules

- Crucial: DDR4-2666 32 GB
- Smart: DDR4-2666 32 GB
- Samsung: DDR4-2666 32 GB

Please note that a BIOS update may initially be required for some models.

Product FamilyModelCompatibilityTotal Capacity
XPC slim (1.3L fanless)DS10U64 GB
DS10U364 GB
DS10U564 GB
DS10U764 GB
XPC slim (1.3L)DH31064 GB
DH310S64 GB
DH310V264 GB
DH37064 GB
XPC slim (3L)XH110G64 GB
XH27064 GB
XH31064 GB
XH310V64 GB
XH310R64 GB
XH310RV64 GB
XPC nanoNC10U64 GB
NC10U364 GB
NC10U564 GB
NC10U764 GB
XPC all-in-oneP51U64 GB
P51U364 GB
XPC cubeSH110R464 GB
SH170R6128 GB
SH170R6 Plus128 GB
SZ170R8128 GB
SZ170R8V2128 GB
SZ270R8128 GB
SZ270R9128 GB
SH310R464 GB
SH310R4V264 GB
SH370R6128 GB
SH370R6V21)128 GB
SH370R6V2 Plus2)128 GB
SH370R83)128 GB
  • Latest BIOS available
  • Intel 200-series or 300-series chipset
  • Intel 7th Gen (Kaby Lake) or 8th Gen (Coffee Lake) Core i3/i5/i7 processor
  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel RST driver (from version
VersionLimit on X86Limit on X64
Windows 10 Enterprise4 GB2 TB
Windows 10 Education
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Home128 GB
VersionLimit on X86Limit on X64
Windows 8 Enterprise4 GB512 GB
Windows 8 Professional
Windows 8128 GB
VersionLimit on X86Limit on X64
Windows 7 Ultimate4 GB192 GB
Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Home Premium16 GB
Windows 7 Home Basic8 GB
Windows 7 Starter2 GB


There are four product series. The max. dimensions of memory modules for each series is:

  • G Series: (For all DDR2 or DDR3 G chassis models)
  • H Series: (For all DDR2 or DDR3 H chassis models)
  • P2 Series: (For SP35P2, SP35P2 Pro, SX38P2 Pro, SX48P2E, SX48P2 Deluxe)
  • KPC Series: (For K45 and K48)

1) , 2) , 3)
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