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Line 225: Line 225:
 |ViewSonic|VA2403-MH|✔| |ViewSonic|VA2403-MH|✔|
 |ViewSonic|VA2261H-9|✔| |ViewSonic|VA2261H-9|✔|
-|ViewSonic|Viewsonic ​VX3211-2K-MHD|✔|+|ViewSonic|VX3211-2K-MHD|✔|
 |Hannspree|HS 221 HPB|✔| |Hannspree|HS 221 HPB|✔|
 |Hannspree|HS 243 HPB|✔| |Hannspree|HS 243 HPB|✔|
Line 271: Line 271:
 |V7|L27000WHS-9E|✔| |V7|L27000WHS-9E|✔|
 |V7|L27000WHS-9K|✔| |V7|L27000WHS-9K|✔|
 |V7|L236VA-2E|✔| |V7|L236VA-2E|✔|
 |V7|L215IPS-2E|✔| |V7|L215IPS-2E|✔|
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