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 |Iiyama|ProLite E1980SD-B1|✔| |Iiyama|ProLite E1980SD-B1|✔|
 |Iiyama|ProLite P1905S-B2|✔| |Iiyama|ProLite P1905S-B2|✔|
-|Iiyama|ProLite B2083HSD-B1|✔((Bracked ​MD BRPCV02 from monitor vendor is required))|+|Iiyama|ProLite B2083HSD-B1|✔((Bracket ​MD BRPCV02 from monitor vendor is required))|
 |Iiyama|ProLite E2083HSD-B1|✔| |Iiyama|ProLite E2083HSD-B1|✔|
 |Iiyama|ProLite E2083HD-B1|✔| |Iiyama|ProLite E2083HD-B1|✔|
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