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SH [OMNINAS Firmware update via USB]
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-===== OMNINAS Firmware update via USB ===== 
-<WRAP center round important 60%> 
-**Note**: This instruction is intended for advanced users. 
-  - Download the following file suitable for your Shuttle OMNINAS: 
-    * [[KS10]] Firmware: http://​www.shuttle.eu/​fileadmin/​resources/​download/​nas/​KS10.zip ​ 
-    * [[KD20]] Firmware: http://​www.shuttle.eu/​fileadmin/​resources/​download/​nas/​KD20.zip 
-    * [[KD21]] Firmware: http://​www.shuttle.eu/​fileadmin/​resources/​download/​nas/​KD21.zip 
-    * [[KD22]] Firmware: http://​www.shuttle.eu/​fileadmin/​resources/​download/​nas/​KD22.zip 
-  - Unzip the ZIP file downloaded onto a FAT32 formatted, empty USB 2.0 stick (sticks with USB 3.0 interface are not suitable for this process). 
-  - Remove the LAN cable and the hard disk(s) from your NAS. To reinsert correctly, note the order of hard disk 1 and 2. 
-  - Insert the USB stick into the front USB port on the NAS and start the unit. 
-  - The LEDs on the NAS will illuminate red and flash during the process, which takes a few minutes. The unit will switch off automatically later. 
-  - Remove the USB stick and reinsert the hard disks into the unit in the correct order. 
-  - The update is completed by starting the NAS by pressing the power button. 
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