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 ^:::^DH110|Skylake LGA1151|Since BIOS version DH110000.104 (2016-08-05)| ^:::^DH110|Skylake LGA1151|Since BIOS version DH110000.104 (2016-08-05)|
 ^:::^DH110SE|Skylake LGA1151|Initial BIOS DH110100.100 (2016-07-18)| ^:::^DH110SE|Skylake LGA1151|Initial BIOS DH110100.100 (2016-07-18)|
-^:::^DH170|Skylake LGA1151|Will support soon (Q1'17)|+^:::^DH170|Skylake LGA1151|Since BIOS version DH170000.208 (2017-09-01)|
 ^:::^DQ170|Skylake LGA1151|Equipped with a discrete TPM 2.0 module| ^:::^DQ170|Skylake LGA1151|Equipped with a discrete TPM 2.0 module|
 ^3L XPC slim (LGA)^XH81\\ XH81V|Haswell LGA1150|No support| ^3L XPC slim (LGA)^XH81\\ XH81V|Haswell LGA1150|No support|
Line 67: Line 67:
 ^:::^SH97R6|Haswell LGA1150|No support| ^:::^SH97R6|Haswell LGA1150|No support|
 ^:::^SH110R4|Skylake LGA1151|Since BIOS version SH110000.102 (2016-09-01)| ^:::^SH110R4|Skylake LGA1151|Since BIOS version SH110000.102 (2016-09-01)|
-^:::^SH170R6|Skylake LGA1151|Will support soon (Q1'17)| +^:::^SH170R6|Skylake LGA1151|Since BIOS version SH170000.207 (2017-08-15)| 
-^:::^SZ170R8|Skylake LGA1151|Will support soon (Q1'17)| +^:::^SZ170R8|Skylake LGA1151|Since BIOS version SH170000.207 (2017-09-01)| 
-^:::^SZ170R8V2|Skylake LGA1151|Initial BIOS SZ170200.100 (2016-07-04)|+^:::^SZ170R8V2|Skylake LGA1151|Since BIOS version SH170000.207 (2017-09-01)|
 ^15.6" XPC all-in-one^X50V4 Series|Haswell-U|No support| ^15.6" XPC all-in-one^X50V4 Series|Haswell-U|No support|
 ^:::^X50V5 Series|Skylake-U|Since BIOS version X50V5000.104 (2016-11-14)| ^:::^X50V5 Series|Skylake-U|Since BIOS version X50V5000.104 (2016-11-14)|
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