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 ====== WLN-P ====== ====== WLN-P ======
 {{page>compatibility#compatibility_table&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}} {{page>compatibility#compatibility_table&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}}
 +===== What are the advantages of WLN-P over a conventional WLAN USB stick? =====
 +  * The Mini-PCIe card sits in the case and is better protected from tampering and theft.
 +  * The integrated solution is more appealing.
 +  * For the best possible efficiency the antenna should be at least 6cm long (half a wavelength at 2.4 GHz) which is a big advantage over the USB stick.
 +  * This WLAN card is a Combo card which supports both WLAN and Bluetooth.
 +  * The transmission protocol of Mini-PCIe cards is less complex as compared to USB which helps keep processor load lower.
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
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