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-====== ​Modellbezeichnung ​======+====== ​WWN01 ======
 {{page>​faq:​xpc_slim:​dl10j#​which_lte_4g_modules_are_suitable&​firstseconly&​nofooter&​noeditbutton&​noreadmore}} {{page>​faq:​xpc_slim:​dl10j#​which_lte_4g_modules_are_suitable&​firstseconly&​nofooter&​noeditbutton&​noreadmore}}
 {{page>​compatibility#​compatibility_table&​firstseconly&​nofooter&​noeditbutton&​noreadmore}} {{page>​compatibility#​compatibility_table&​firstseconly&​nofooter&​noeditbutton&​noreadmore}}
 +===== Software Installation and First Connect WWN01 LTE Module + Huawei EM906S LTE Module =====
 +:!: Please note: Before performing the below steps, please install the hardware according to the installation guide as found in the [[http://​www.shuttle.eu/​fileadmin/​resources/​download/​docs/​spec/​accessories/​WWN01_e.pdf|specification PDF]].
 +  - Please run **Windows Update** in order to install the driver for the //HUAWEI GNSS Sensor//. The other two components will use the Windows 10 inbox driver (1803 and newer).
 +    * Once the Windows Update process is completed, three devices should be listed in the device manager as shown below.\\ {{:​faq:​xpc_accessories:​wwn:​devmanager.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}
 +  - Check **Windows Settings** in **Network & Internet** for the newly available **Cellular** connection.
 +    * Here, you can also select under which conditions the Cellular connection should be used.\\ {{:​faq:​xpc_accessories:​wwn:​sysconfig.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}
 +  - The Cellular connection is also visible in the **Network Tray Symbol**, just where usually Wi-Fi signals can be found.\\ {{:​faq:​xpc_accessories:​wwn:​tray.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}\\ Click "​Unlock SIM" to connect.\\ {{:​faq:​xpc_accessories:​wwn:​con1.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}
 +  - Enter the **PIN** (if applicable) of your SIM card and press "​Next"​.\\ {{:​faq:​xpc_accessories:​wwn:​con2.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}
 +  - If the PIN was entered correctly and the SIM card is enabled for **DATA connection**,​ the connection should now be set up.\\ {{:​faq:​xpc_accessories:​wwn:​con3.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
 {{backlinks>​.}} {{backlinks>​.}}
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