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 ====== WWN11 ====== ====== WWN11 ======
 {{page>compatibility#compatibility_table&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}} {{page>compatibility#compatibility_table&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}}
 +===== Installation Guide =====
 +  * :!: **Please note** that the M.2-2230 slot is used for this purpose and any existing WLAN cards + antennas must first be removed from the PC.\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_02.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Unfasten two screws on the back panel and remove the cover.
 +  - Use a 6mm screwdriver to puncture the perforated hole on the back panel from the outside in. Once the screwdriver passes through the perforation, carefully remove the metal tag. If the metal tag still does not detach, carefully bend it by pushing down from the inside of the chassis.\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_01.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - When installing a nano SIM card, please push the cover to the side and lift it, then carefully insert the SIM card.\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_03.jpg?nolink&600|}}
 +  - Please install the 4G/LTE adapter board into the M.2 E-Key slot interface as shown and affix it by tightening the screw with bolt firmly.\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_04.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Please apply the bolt and tighten it firmly.\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_05.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Please install the 4G/LTE module in the daughterboard, then tighten the screw with bolt firmly.\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_06.jpg?nolink&400|}} {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_07.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Take out the two antenna cable connectors and remove the locks and protective sleeves. Then connect them to the 4G/LTE module.\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_08.jpg?nolink&400|}} {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_09.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Install the antenna cable connectors through the appropriate opening at the back of the chassis. When leading the cable connector through the opening, check the socket alignment and only push horizontally. DO NOT turn or twist the cable. Should any difficulties occur, make sure the surface is clean. Finally, check the alignment again and carefully apply more force.\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_10.jpg?nolink&400|}} {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_11.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Use the lock to affix the antenna from the outside.\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_12.jpg?nolink&400|}} {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_13.jpg?nolink&300|}} {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_14.jpg?nolink&300|}}
 +  - Replace the case cover and fasten its screws.
 +  - Screw the antennas into position as pictured. Make sure they are aligned vertically to achieve the best possible signal reception. Make sure the two antennas are aligned in the correct direction.\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_15.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Check the following BIOS setting to ensure that the LTE module will be recognized correctly: ''Advanced'' -> ''Onboard Device Configuration'' -> ''E-Key Device Select'' = ''USB''
 +  - Under Windows 10 you can find the cellular status of the 4G modem under "Network & Internet" and "Cellular".\\ {{:faq:xpc_accessories:wwn:wwn01_installation_16.jpg?nolink&500|}}
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
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