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 {{section>faq:xpc_cube:sg33g5#post_issuejp4_jumper_setting_for_shuttle_g5_models&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}} {{section>faq:xpc_cube:sg33g5#post_issuejp4_jumper_setting_for_shuttle_g5_models&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}}
-===== How should I set the jumper(J1) when there is a PCI-E VGA card insert? ===== +===== How do I set jumper (J1), if there is a PCI-E VGA card to install? ===== 
-When use PCI-E VGA card on SD11G5, you will need to set the jumper(J1) to position 1-2.+If you want to use PCI-E VGA card with SD11G5, you will need to set jumper (J1) to position 1-2.
-===== How do I use onboard DVI or TV-out? ===== +===== How do I use the onboard DVI or TV-out? ===== 
-You may refer to manual pg31 for the monitor hot-key control list.+Please refer to the manual PG31 for the monitor hot-key control list.
 ''ctrl+alt+F1'' = D-sub, ''ctrl+alt+F2'' = TV-out and ''ctrl+alt+F4'' = DVI ''ctrl+alt+F1'' = D-sub, ''ctrl+alt+F2'' = TV-out and ''ctrl+alt+F4'' = DVI
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