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 ====== SD11G5 ====== ====== SD11G5 ======
-===== How should ​I set the jumper(J1) ​when there is a PCI-E VGA card insert? ===== +===== How do I set jumper ​(J1), if there is a PCI-E VGA card to install? ===== 
-When use PCI-E VGA card on SD11G5, you will need to set the jumper(J1) to position 1-2.+If you want to use PCI-E VGA card with SD11G5, you will need to set jumper ​(J1) to position 1-2. 
 +===== How do I use the onboard DVI or TV-out? ===== 
 +Please refer to the manual PG31 for the monitor hot-key control list. 
 +''​ctrl+alt+F1''​ = D-sub, ''​ctrl+alt+F2''​ = TV-out and ''​ctrl+alt+F4''​ = DVI
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
 {{backlinks>​.}} {{backlinks>​.}}
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