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 ====== SD32G2 ====== ====== SD32G2 ======
-===== When I install ATI A9250 (PCI slot) VGA card, the system is not able to boot operating system ===== +===== With an ATI A9250 (PCI slot) VGA card installed, the system won'boot. What can I do? ===== 
-Because Intel VGA driver version ( have some issue with ATI A9250 PCI VGA card. If you need to have this card to install on your system, we will suggest you to download VGA driver version ( from [[http://download.shuttle.eu/Archive_2004/Drivers/new/sd32g2/vga/|here]].+This is because the Intel VGA driver version ( is conflicting with the ATI A9250 PCI VGA card. In case you want to run this card, we advise you to use the driver version ( from [[http://download.shuttle.eu/Archive_2004/Drivers/new/sd32g2/vga/|here]].
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
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