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 ====== SD36G5 ====== ====== SD36G5 ======
 +===== How do I enable Viiv technology on my SD36G5? ===== 
 +The Viiv Technology requirements are as follows: 
 +  * Process: Pentium D processor 
 +  * Chipset: Intel 945G + ICH7DH 
 +  * LAN Chip: Intel PRO Client LAN 
 +  * Audio: High Definition Audio 
 +  * Hard drive: SATA interface with NCQ support 
 +  * Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Rollup 2. 
 +If you have a PCI-E graphics card installed, please be sure to have the relevant video driver for the MCE version installed as well. 
 +First of all, please update the BIOS version to the latest version and Load Optimized Default once the BIOS update is complete. 
 +  - Enter BIOS, and go to →''Integrated Peripherals''→''OnChip IDE Device''. Here, change ''SATA Mode'' to ''AHCI''. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_01.jpg?nolink&400|}} 
 +  - Enable ''Quick Resume Technology'' in the Power Management Setup. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_02.jpg?nolink&400|}} 
 +  - Before you begin installing MCE, you need a floppy disk drive and to prepare a floppy disk with the 32-bit ICH7R RAID disk driver that comes with the accessory box. You may otherwise download it from our website or take it from the driver CD. Proceed with ''D:\Intel\F6 install\F6flpy32.exe'' and answer all prompts presented (Assuming your CD-ROM drives label is D.) 
 +  - Now begin to install Windows MCE. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_03.jpg?nolink&400|}} 
 +  - Press the ''F6'' function key when the RAID setup message screen comes up. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_04.jpg?nolink&400|}} 
 +  - Press the ''S'' key to select the AHCI driver. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_05.jpg?nolink&400|}} 
 +  - Insert the floppy disk you prepared with the driver into the floppy drive. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_06.jpg?nolink&400|}} 
 +  - Select the driver of the relevant chipset type: "82801GR/GH SATA AHCI Controller (Desktop ICH7R/DH)" \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_07.jpg?nolink&400|}} 
 +  - When the driver is selected, press Enter to continue the Windows MCE installation. 
 +  - Now please install all the drivers from the driver CD, which also include the Quick Resume driver, for Windows MCE. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_08.jpg?nolink&400|}} {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_09.jpg?nolink&400|}} 
 +  - Please install the Viiv driver. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_10.jpg?nolink&400|}} {{:faq:xpc_cube:sd36:sd36_viiv_11.jpg?nolink&400|}} 
 +  - When all the drivers are installed, please restart the system.
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