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 ====== SD37P2 ====== ====== SD37P2 ======
-===== How can I identify the version of my SD37P2? ===== +===== How do I identify the version of my SD37P2? ===== 
-There are versions of SD37P2, V1 and V2. If you not sure which version ​of SD37P2 that you have purchased, ​You may always refer as below to identify ​your version.+There are two versions of the SD37P2, V1 and V2. If you are not sure which version you purchased, ​please proceed ​as below to identify ​the version.
-^If the PCS is 1.X or BIOS ID's 6th digit is 0, please download the BIOS from SD37P2 (SD37V1.x[[http://​download.shuttle.eu/​Mirror/​XPC/​SD37P2/​|link]]^^+^If the PCS is 1.X or the BIOS ID's 6th digit is 0, please download the BIOS SD37V1.x ​at: [[http://​download.shuttle.eu/​Mirror/​XPC/​SD37P2/​|link]]^^
 |{{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_identification_01.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}|{{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_identification_02.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}| |{{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_identification_01.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}|{{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_identification_02.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}|
-^If the PCB is 2.X or BIOS ID's 6th digit is 2, please download the BIOS from SD37P2 (SD37V2.X[[http://​download.shuttle.eu/​Mirror/​XPC/​SD37P2_V2/​Bios/​|link]]^^+^If the PCB is 2.X or the BIOS ID's 6th digit is 2, please download the BIOS SD37V2.X ​at: [[http://​download.shuttle.eu/​Mirror/​XPC/​SD37P2_V2/​Bios/​|link]]^^
 |{{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_identification_03.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}|{{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_identification_04.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}| |{{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_identification_03.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}|{{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_identification_04.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}|
-===== Why my SD37P2 ​can not support some ATI graphic chip video card? ===== +===== Why won'​t ​my SD37P2 support some of ATI'​s ​video cards? ===== 
-The SD37P2 has PCI-E video slots, and cause of that. The PCI-E 16x bandwidth will be dividing ​to 2 of 8X slots. If your video card can only support full speed 16XIt may not run with this system. Please check with your video card specification ​or contact your video card vendor for detail ​information.+The SD37P2 has two PCI-E slots. The PCI-E 16x bandwidth will be halved ​to 8x speed on each slot. If your video card only supports 16x speed, ​it will not run on this system. Please check your video card specifications ​or contact your video card vendor for detailed ​information.
-===== Does SD37P2 ​can support ​DIMMs of DDR2 667? ===== +===== Does my SD37P2 support ​four DIMMs of DDR2-667 memory? ===== 
-This model can support four DIMMs of DDRII 667 of memoryIf the system could not run stable ​with 667MHz on your DDRIIit will automatic adjust ​to 533MHz for stabilization of the system+Yes, it doesShould it however turn out that it won'​t ​run stable, ​the system ​will automatically clock down the memory ​to 533 MHz to stabilise.
-===== Why my SD37P2 run unstable ​after installed ​Adobe Premiere Elements? ===== +===== Why does my SD37P2 run unstable ​when install ​Adobe Premiere Elements? ===== 
-Because ​Adobe Premiere Elements ​have compatibility ​issue with Realtek audio driver. ​The new Realtek driver ​can solve this issueAdobe has suggest the user has using Premiere Elements ​to go Realtek and download the audio driver Version ​R1.35 ([[http://​download.shuttle.eu/​Archive_2004/​Drivers/​new/​sd37p2/​old%20audio/​audio.zip|Download]]) ​to solve this problem. For more information, ​we will suggest you to [[http://​www.adobe.com/​support/​techdocs/​332888.html|visit Adobe]] ​for more detail instruction+This is because ​Adobe Premiere Elements ​has compatibility ​issues ​with the Realtek audio driver. ​new Realtek driver ​will helpPlease update ​to version ​R1.35 ([[http://​download.shuttle.eu/​Archive_2004/​Drivers/​new/​sd37p2/​old%20audio/​audio.zip|Download]]). For more information, ​please also [[http://​www.adobe.com/​support/​techdocs/​332888.html|visit Adobe]]. ​
-===== How to get the best use of SD37P2 ​in Dual Channel mode and what aspects should ​be pay attention to? ===== +===== How do I get the best out of my memory ​in Dual Channel mode and what aspects should ​pay attention to? ===== 
-To enable your SD37P2 ​memory ​DDR2 with Dual Channel, please refer to the steps below.+To enable your SD37P2 DDR2 memory in Dual Channel ​mode, please refer to the steps below.
-  - Please make sure to put the same memory ​DDR2 in the same color slot. (If putting memories into the different ​color slotsXPC will run in Single Channel ​Mode.) \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_dual_channel_01.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} +  - Please make sure to put the very same DDR2 memory (type and brand) ​in the slot of the same colour. (If modules are installed in slots of different ​colourthey will run in Single Channel ​mode.) \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_dual_channel_01.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} 
-  - If the memories have been set up successfullythe function of Dual Channel will be detected and will also show the message ​on the screen while XPC is starting. Thus the function of Dual Channel would be normally operated. \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_dual_channel_02.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} +  - If the modules are installed correctly, Dual Channel will be shown on a screen when booting ​the XPC. \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_dual_channel_02.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} 
-  - If memories DDR2 set on the different color memory slots, it doesn'​t show "Dual Channel Mode enables" ​on the screen. And it will be a Single Channel ​Mode only. \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_dual_channel_03.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}+  - Should ​the message ​"Dual Channel Mode Enabled" ​not be displayed while booting, ​the memory is running in Single Channel ​mode only. \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_dual_channel_03.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}
-===== Why my DDRII 800 only show DDRII 667 at POST screen? ===== +===== Why is my DDR2-800 memory ​only displayed as DDR2-667 on the POST screen? ===== 
-According to Intel'​s ​SPEC for chipset ​975X, it can only support up to 2 DDRII 800. If your memory modules ​show DDR667, you will adjust ​the frequency speed by manually in the BIOS. You may follow below instruction for setup.+According to Intel'​s ​specifications of the 975X chipset, it supports a total of two DDR2-800 modules. If your memory modules ​are shown as DDR2-667, you will need to set the frequency speed manually in the BIOS. Please ​follow ​the below steps.
-  - Boot Into BIOSand select the Frequency/​Voltage Control \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_ddr2_800_01.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} +  - Enter BIOS and go to Frequency/​Voltage Control\\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_ddr2_800_01.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} 
-  - DRAM Timing Selectable ​selects the Manual \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_ddr2_800_02.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} +  - Under DRAM Timing Selectable ​select "Manual"​. ​\\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_ddr2_800_02.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} 
-  - System Memory Frequency ​select ​to 800MHz ​\\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_ddr2_800_03.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} +  - Set System Memory Frequency to 800 MHz. \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_ddr2_800_03.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} 
-  - Press F10 key save to CMOS and EXIT \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_ddr2_800_04.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} +  - Press the F10 key to save changes ​to CMOS and exit BIOS. \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_ddr2_800_04.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} 
-  - Check the post screen ​is DDRII 800 \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_ddr2_800_05.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}+  - Check the post screen ​whether it shows DDR2-800\\ {{:​faq:​xpc_cube:​sd37:​sd37_ddr2_800_05.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}
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