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 ====== SH310R4 ====== ====== SH310R4 ======
 +===== How to print your very own custom front panel =====
 +The R4 (and similar) front panel comes with a removable acrylic plate which allows for creating individual front designs. Simply change the mylar and add your design such as a photo, graphics or a company logo to the front panel in just a few steps.
 +With {{:faq:xpc_cube:sh310:j1_j4_r4_front.pdf|this empty PDF template}} in A4 format, you can design and print a perfectly fitting front panel of the J1, J4 und R4 chassis every major graphic design software.
 +In case you want to create a design from scratch, use these information:
 +{{:faq:xpc_cube:sh310:r4_front_panel_dimensions.png?nolink&700|}}\\ All dimensions in millimetres (mm)
 ===== Quick Installation Guide ===== ===== Quick Installation Guide =====
 ==== Begin Installation ==== ==== Begin Installation ====
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