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 | Intel Pentium Series | ::: | | Intel Pentium Series | ::: |
-===== System hangs in Windows XP installation with blinking cursor? ===== +===== My system hangs during Windows XP installation with a flashing cursor. How do I solve this? ===== 
-Reason: Windows files on installation CD are too old for SH55J2 hardware.+The reason for this are too old Windows files on the installation disk. Please use a Windows XP installation disk with Service Pack 2 or higher.
-Solution: Use Windows XP installation CD with integrated service pack 2 or higher. +===== I'm running an Intel i5-6xx CPU and get a bluescreen during Windows XP installation. What can be done? ===== 
- +The BIOS version is too old and not compatible with the i5-6xx processorPlease update the BIOS to version V1.06 or later.
-===== Bluesceen during Windows XP installation using Intel i5-6xx CPU? ===== +
-Reason: Machine uses old BIOS which is not compatible to i5-6xx CPU series. +
- +
-Solution: BIOS Update to V1.06 or later version.+
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