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An integrated hardware protection of the Intel chipset prevents the machine from switching on, if there is no CPU or memory installed, as this could heavily damage other components. Please install CPU and memory first.

Population rule for dual-channel mode

In dual-channel mode, the memory modules transmit and receive data over two data bus lines simultaneously. Enabling dual-channel mode will enhance system performance. The following illustrations explain the population rules for dual-channel mode.

Onboard graphics are provided depending on the CPU used. However, please note that some LGA 1156 processors do feature onboard graphics, while some don't. Before purchasing a processor, please make sure, by consulting the below table, to choose the processor that meets your needs.

Processor Integrated Graphics Card
Intel Core i7-8xx Series
Intel Core i5-7xx Series
Intel Core i5-6xx Series
Intel Core i3-5xx Series
Intel Pentium Series

The reason for this are too old Windows files on the installation disk. Please use a Windows XP installation disk with Service Pack 2 or higher.

Reason: Machine uses old BIOS which is not compatible to i5-6xx CPU series.

Solution: BIOS Update to V1.06 or later version.

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