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 ====== SN68PTG6 Deluxe ====== ====== SN68PTG6 Deluxe ======
-This product has no individual FAQs yet. Please have look at the backlinks below to find other pages mentioning it.+{{section>​faq:​hardware:​upgrade#​can_i_upgrade_my_motherboard_to_a_different_one&​firstseconly&​nofooter&​noeditbutton&​noreadmore}} 
 +===== Why can't I install the Windows OS when use SATA optical disk drive with SN68 series? ===== 
 +This is known issue of NVIDIA chipset, if you want to install windows OS with SATA ODD, please change ​the SATA setting form "​IDE" ​to "​AHCI"​ in BIOS -> "​Integrated Peripherals"​ -> "MCP Storage Config"​ -> "SATA Operation Mode", then install windows.
 ---- ----
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
 {{backlinks>​.}} {{backlinks>​.}}
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