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 ====== SS50 ====== ====== SS50 ======
 {{section>faq:xpc_cube:sk41g#trouble-shooting_using_tv-out_function&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}} {{section>faq:xpc_cube:sk41g#trouble-shooting_using_tv-out_function&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}}
 +===== What’s the maximum resolution for TV-Out? =====
 +SS50 barebone features onboard SiS301 TV-Out chipset. The maximum input active resolution at PAL and NTSC system is 800x600. Because of the flexible scaling hardware, the over/under-scan (Active TV lines) modes supported by SiS301 are far beyond of these listed data below.
 +===== Can I use adhesive thermal silicone gel on P4 CPU die? =====
 +Adhesive thermal silicone gel such as Shin-Etsu Silicone will set after about 6 hours and form a strong bond between the heatsink and CPU die or other applied surfaces (eg. memory module, chipsets). This type of adhesive thermal compound is strongly not recommended to use on P4 Socket 423/478 CPU die. Since fan heatsink will stick strongly to the P4 CPU die and due to P4 Socket 423/478 ZIF socket structural design, upon removal of the heatsink will force P4 CPU to break apart from the ZIF socket thus damaging both pins on P4 CPU and ZIF socket. Please use non-adhesive thermal compound for P4 CPU only to avoid any damage done to the ZIF socket and P4 CPU.
 ===== How to install a PCI VGA card in SS50? ===== ===== How to install a PCI VGA card in SS50? =====
-Please follow these procedures to install PCI VGA card : +**Please follow these procedures to install PCI VGA card:** 
   - Install the PCI video card on SS50, connect display device to PCI VGA card, then start the system.   - Install the PCI video card on SS50, connect display device to PCI VGA card, then start the system.
   - Disabled the ''Onchip VGA'' at the CMOS Setup Utility, then save & exit.   - Disabled the ''Onchip VGA'' at the CMOS Setup Utility, then save & exit.
 +===== What is the difference in BIOS setting for Video Out between UTV and OTV? =====
 +**SS50 has UTV and OTV function, default is UTV/NTSC, its stands for underscan and overscan of TV out.**
 +As you know, when enabling TV Out, the picture will not always fill the TV screen. The reason for that is that we use "underscan" if TV Out is enabled in order to make sure that all buttons, especially the ones in the corners of the screen, are fully visible. But the image out is not in full screen mode on TV. UTV is ideal for PC based environment.
 +There is a bios switch which enables an "overscan" mode for TV Out. This overscan mode results in absolutely no visible border on the TV. The picture coming from the PC will be larger than the picture displayed on TV. OTV is ideal for pure TV-out environment such as Karaoke entertainment or road show demonstrations.
 +There are some IMPORTANT points you should note: 
 +  * Some buttons (close, minimize etc.) may not be accessible if the application is in full screen mode (OTV), they are outside the visible range of the picture. 
 +  * Your PC Monitor will most likely switch OFF, because it can not support overscan (some monitor may be switched off automatically) 
 +  * The TV Out picture can NOT be adjusted, you can not use overscan and then downsize the picture so that it exactly fits the screen. 
 +===== How to get SPDIF out function to work in SS50G? =====
 +Please select 2 speakers output mode from C-media audio utility, then enable “S/PDIF Playback” for SPDIF out function to work.
 +===== I want to upgrade my CPU fan to PH4 (Heatpipe) =====
 +The PH4 Heat-Pipe is available already, but there is a limited space for the CD / DVD-ROM / CDRW drive.
 +The maximum length is 207mm, so please make sure your CD / DVD-ROM/ CDRW is shorter then 207mm.
 +  - Please remove your CDROM / HDD / FDD\\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:ss50:ss50_heatpipe_01.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Remove the CPU fan & heat-sink\\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:ss50:ss50_heatpipe_02.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Remove the system fan\\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:ss50:ss50_heatpipe_03.jpg?nolink&400|}} {{:faq:xpc_cube:ss50:ss50_heatpipe_04.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Apply thermal grease on top of CPU die.\\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:ss50:ss50_heatpipe_05.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Check PH4 and it's accessories are in place\\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:ss50:ss50_heatpipe_06.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Install Heat-Pipe in SS50C\\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:ss50:ss50_heatpipe_07.jpg?nolink&400|}} {{:faq:xpc_cube:ss50:ss50_heatpipe_08.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Install PH4 fan and plug connector onto Fan3 header\\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:ss50:ss50_heatpipe_09.jpg?nolink&400|}} {{:faq:xpc_cube:ss50:ss50_heatpipe_10.jpg?nolink&400|}}
 +  - Finally, install back all other peripherals for a quite and best cooling SS50C.
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
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