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 +====== SX38P2 Pro ======
 +===== What is the maximum RAM supported by the SX38P2 Pro? =====
 +The SX38P2 PRO Barebone use the X38 Express Chipset. The Intel X38 Express Chipset supports the new dual-channel DDR3 memory technology at 1333 MHz while also maintaining support for DDR2 memory. The Intel X38 Express Chipset operates at a lower memory voltage, resulting in approximately 20% lower power consumption and reduced heat dissipation,​ but delivers higher bandwidth, faster system performance,​ and higher performance per watt than its predecessors.
 +As implemented in the SX38P2 Pro, the barebone can use up to 8GB of memory on the motherboard. Please note, however, that to fully utilize the 8GB of RAM, a 64 bit operating system is recommended.
 +For supported memory and other components on SX38P2 Pro click [[http://​global.shuttle.com/​products/​productsSupportList?​productId=638|this link]].
 +==== Related links ====
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