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 |3840x2160p 50Hz (YcbCr420)| |3840x2160p 50Hz (YcbCr420)|
 |3840x2160p 60Hz (YcbCr420)| |3840x2160p 60Hz (YcbCr420)|
 +===== Why is there no connection between the NS02 system and the DS Creator 2.0 app? =====
 +* We are constantly improving our system, please be sure to run the latest firmware version available for the NS02 system. The following FAQ link explains how to update the NS02 series firmware version [[faq:​xpc_nano:​ns02a#​how_to_update_the_ns02_series_firmware_version|Firmware update]]
 +* For an uninterrupted upload of content, it is recommended to operate the NS02 via Ethernet.
 +===== How do I download Google Apps? =====
 +The Google Play services are not available on the NS02 which comprises all Google apps and the Google Play Store.
 +To install new apps, please use alternative app stores (e.g: Amazon, Uptodown, slideme or F-Droid) or install the selected apps manually via the file explorer.
 +===== How can I play 4K content? =====
 +To play 4K content on the NS02, please create a Digital Signage project with the dedicated Shuttle DS Player software "DS Creator 2.0" or use the pre-installed video player "​Video"​.
 +Futuremore, there is the possibility to install other „player apps“(e.g:​ MX Player).
 +Streaming 4K media with the standard web browser is not possible, because the resolution is not supported.
 +===== Which system kernel does the NS02 series have? =====
 +The kernel version is **3.10**.
 +===== Which Webview version is installed? =====
 +The operation system supports **Webview v39**.
 +===== Are multi-touch panels supported? =====
 +An Android Image with multi-touch is available on request. ​
 +The multi-touch Image supports touch panels with the following requirements:​
 +  - **Kernel version 3.10**
 +  - **Android HID multi-touch driver module.**
 +<WRAP center round important 60%>
 +**Notice:** Even if a touch panel supports the above criteria, each touch panel model must be checked for compatibility by a user-functional test. Please [[http://​www.shuttle.eu/​support-service/​technical-support/​support-form/​|contact our Support-Team]] for more information.
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
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