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DS77U series can be used with 3 displays simultaneously. Due to Intel chipset design, please be aware of the following restrictions for your monitor setup.

  • The Displayport has no AUDIO function. Please use HDMI for displays/TV with integrated speakers.
  • Intel Collage Mode is not available. Please use a native 4K display. Old monitors using Collage Mode are not supported.
  • PASSIVE Adapter/Kabel are not usable (e.g. DP→HDMI or DP→DVI). Please use native DP connection or an ACTIVE Adapter.
  • HotPlug is not supported. Please restart the system to recognize the display.

Note: In a 3-display setup, the DP output won't show a picture while booting in BIOS mode. It will be activated after the OS has loaded the display driver.

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