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CS [Do I need to install stand on XS35/XS36 Series?]
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 {{section>​faq:​software:​os_installation#​how_to_create_a_bootable_windows_7_usb_flash_drive_and_integrate_the_usb_30_drivers&​firstseconly&​nofooter&​noeditbutton&​noreadmore}} {{section>​faq:​software:​os_installation#​how_to_create_a_bootable_windows_7_usb_flash_drive_and_integrate_the_usb_30_drivers&​firstseconly&​nofooter&​noeditbutton&​noreadmore}}
-===== Do I need to install ​stand on XS35/XS36 Series? ===== +===== Do I have to use the stand when operating the XS35/XS36 Series? ===== 
-For the computer ​has good air convection ​effect, we strongly recommend ​that you install the stand. \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_slim:​xs35:​xs35_airflow.jpg?​400&​nolink|}}+For the computer ​to have the best possible cooling ​effect, we strongly recommend you install the stand. \\ {{:​faq:​xpc_slim:​xs35:​xs35_airflow.jpg?​400&​nolink|}}
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
 {{backlinks>​.}} {{backlinks>​.}}
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