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 ^XH81V →|XH110V, XH310RV| ^XH81V →|XH110V, XH310RV|
 ^XH61V ↑|:::| ^XH61V ↑|:::|
 +^XC60J →|no fanless successor((as an alternative the XH310 and XH310R in combination with the XPC accessory PCM31 enables five serial ports))|
 === 1.3-Litre (w/ fan) === === 1.3-Litre (w/ fan) ===
 ^Predecessor^Successive Product(s)^ ^Predecessor^Successive Product(s)^
 ^DS87 →|DH170, DH270, DH370| ^DS87 →|DH170, DH270, DH370|
-^DS81L →|DH110SE, ​DH310S| +^DH110SE ​→|DH310S| 
-^DS81 →|DH110DH310, DH310V2|+^DS81L ↑|:::| 
 +^DH110 →|DH310, DH310V2
 +^DS81 ↑|:::|
 ^DS61 ↑|:::| ^DS61 ↑|:::|
 === 1.3-Litre (fanless) === === 1.3-Litre (fanless) ===
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