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Product Life Cycle Information

The following tables provide an overview of the discontinued products as well as their successive products that are currently available.

Find the succeeding model for your current Shuttle product here by following the arrow:

PredecessorSuccessive Product(s)
SZ170R8V2 →SZ270R8, SZ270R9
SZ170R8 ↑
SZ87R6 ↑
SZ77R5 ↑
SZ68R5 ↑
SH370R6 Plus →SH370R6V2 Plus, SH370R8
SH170R6 Plus ↑
SH97R6 →SH170R6, SH370R6
SH87R6 ↑
SH310R4 →SH310R4V2
SH110R4 ↑
SH81R4 ↑


PredecessorSuccessive Product(s)
XH310V →XH310RV
XH310 →XH310R
XH170V →XH270
XH97V ↑
XH81 →XH110, XH110G, XH310R
XH81V →XH110V, XH310RV
XH61V ↑
XC60J →no fanless successor1)

1.3-Litre (w/ fan)

PredecessorSuccessive Product(s)
DH270 →DH370
DH170 ↑
DS87 ↑
DH110SE →DH310S
DS81L ↑
DH310 →DH310V2
DH110 ↑
DS81 ↑
DS61 ↑

1.3-Litre (fanless)

PredecessorSuccessive Product(s)
DS67U7 →DS77U7
DS57U7 ↑
DS67U5 →DS77U5
DS57U5 ↑
DS67U3 →DS77U3
DS57U3 ↑
DS67U →DS77U, DS10U
DS57U ↑
DS407T ↑
DS437T ↑
DS437 ↑
DS47 ↑
DX30 →DL10J


PredecessorSuccessive Product(s)
XS35V5 Pro →DX302)
XS36V5 ↑
XS35V4 ↑
XS36V4 ↑
PredecessorSuccessive Product(s)
NC02U7 →NC03U7
NC01U7 ↑
NC02U5 →NC03U5
NC01U5 ↑
NC02U3 →NC03U3
NC01U3 ↑
NC02U →NC03U
NC01U ↑
PredecessorSuccessive Product(s)
X50V5U3 →X50V6U3
X50V5 →X50V6
X50V4 ↑
X70S, X70M →P90U, P90U3, P90U5

as an alternative the XH310 and XH310R in combination with the XPC accessory PCM31 enables five serial ports
see: 1.3-Litre (fanless) product family
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