Chassis-related FAQ

The R4 (and similar) front panel comes with a removable acrylic plate which allows for creating individual front designs. Simply change the mylar and add your design such as a photo, graphics or a company logo to the front panel in just a few steps.

With this empty PDF template in A4 format, you can design and print a perfectly fitting front panel of the J1, J4 und R4 chassis every major graphic design software.

In case you want to create a design from scratch, use these information:

All dimensions in millimetres (mm)

Shuttle provides three chassis designs for their XPC cube series: R4, R6 and R8. While R4/R6 supports two hard disks and one optical drive, the R8 can support up to four hard disks. In addition, the R6 has one open 3.5“ bay, which can also be used for a card reader.


R4 chassis (left)R6 chassis (center)R8 chassis (right)
Features Open front without doors
Customisable front design
With front doors for I/O ports and drives With front door for I/O ports
5.25”1x 5.25“ bay1x 5.25” bay
3.5“2x 3.5” bay2x 3.5“ bay (1x open)4x 3.5” bay

Click on the images in order to see a larger version.

XPC cube
R4 designSH81R4, SZ87R4, SH110R4Chassis
R5 designSX79R5, SZ68R5, SZ77R5Chassis
R6 designSH170R6Chassis
R8 designSZ170R8 SZ170R8V2,SZ270R8Chassis
R9 designSZ270R9Chassis
XPC slim
3 litre format 1)XH110Chassis
VESA mount (PV02)
VESA mount (PV02)
VESA mount

1,3 litre format 2)DS61, DS81, DS81L, DS87, DH110, DH110SE, DH170, DQ170, DH270, DX30, DL10JChassis
VESA mount
1,3 litre format 3)DS47, DS407T, DS437, DS437T, DS57U Series, DS67U Series, DS68U, DS77U SeriesChassis
VESA mount
XPC nano
NC01 seriesNC01Chassis
VESA mount
NC02/NC03 seriesNC02U, NC03UChassis
NS SeriesNS01, NS02A, NS02EChassis
VESA mount
XPC all-in-one
X50 seriesX50V4, X50V5, X50V6Chassis

P20U seriesP20UChassis

P90U seriesP90UChassis

P51U seriesP51UChassis

e.g XG41, XH61, XH61V, XH81, XH81V, XH97V, XH110, XH110V, XH170V, XH270, XH310, XH310R, XH310V, XH310RV
DS/DH Series with socket LGA and fan + the fanless DX30/DL10J
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