Cooling-related FAQs

All our XPC products have an integrated heatpipe cooling with one to four copper pipes, transporting heat to cooling fins. Some XPC models don't even need an active fan to keep the PC quiet and stable. Others use one or two fans with smart RPM-speed control for low noise operation and maximum stability.

Here's an overview of all different types of cooling used by the Shuttle product family:

CategoryCooling Solution
XPC cube e.g. SH170R6
XPC slim (3 litre) e.g. XH110V
XPC slim (1.35 litre) e.g. DH170
XPC slim (1.3 litre) e.g. DS67
XPC slim (1.15 litre) e.g. XS35V4
XPC nano (0.6 litre) e.g. NC01U
XPC all-in-one e.g. X50V5
  1. Please place some heatsink compound on the middle of the CPU. Just a small drop will be enough, as shown in the picture below.
  2. Now proceed to install the heatpipe. Pressing the heatsink on the CPU will help spread the heatsink compound evenly.
  3. If you remove the heatsink, the heatsink compound should look like as in the picture below. Perfectly spreaded across CPU surface and no spilling.
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