Cooling-related FAQs

All our XPC products have an integrated heatpipe cooling with one to four copper pipes, transporting heat to cooling fins. Some XPC models don't even need an active fan to keep the PC quiet and stable. Others use one or two fans with smart RPM-speed control for low noise operation and maximum stability.

Here's an overview of all different types of cooling used by the Shuttle product family:

CategoryProduct PhotoCooling SolutionDetails
XPC cube e.g. SH170R6This is the original so-called “ICE” (Integrated Cooling Engine) heatpipe cooling solution with 80-92mm fan
XPC slim (3 litre) e.g. XH110VHeatpipe cooling solution with active dual 60mm fans (2x)
XPC slim (1.35 litre) e.g. DH170Heatpipe cooling solution with active dual 60mm fans (2x)
XPC slim (1.3 litre) e.g. DS67These models work with large surface passive cooling technology
XPC slim (1.15 litre) e.g. XS35V4These models work with large surface passive cooling technology
XPC nano (0.6 litre) e.g. NC01UA space-saving combination of heatpipe and active cooling fan
XPC all-in-one e.g. X50V5These models work with passive cooling technology
  1. Please place some heatsink compound on the middle of the CPU. Just a small drop will be enough, as shown in the picture below.
  2. Now proceed to install the heatpipe. Pressing the heatsink on the CPU will help spread the heatsink compound evenly.
  3. If you remove the heatsink, the heatsink compound should look like as in the picture below. Perfectly spreaded across CPU surface and no spilling.

This is an overview about the individual dimensions (in mm) of each fan in our Mini PC product line.

ModelSystem FanCPU Fan1)VGA FanHDD FanPSU Fan
D10 92x92x25 40×40
DH02U 60x60x750x50x10 Fanless
DH02U5 60x60x750x50x10 Fanless
DH110 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DH110SE 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DH170 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DH270 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DH310 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DH310S 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DH310V2 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DH370 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DL10JCompletely fanless ↔
DQ170 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DS407TCompletely fanless ↔
DS437Completely fanless ↔
DS437TCompletely fanless ↔
DS47Completely fanless ↔
DS57UCompletely fanless ↔
DS57U3Completely fanless ↔
DS57U5Completely fanless ↔
DS57U7Completely fanless ↔
DS61 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DS67UCompletely fanless ↔
DS67U3Completely fanless ↔
DS67U5Completely fanless ↔
DS67U7Completely fanless ↔
DS68UCompletely fanless ↔
DS77UCompletely fanless ↔
DS77U3Completely fanless ↔
DS77U5Completely fanless ↔
DS77U7Completely fanless ↔
DS81 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DS81L 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DS87 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
DX30Completely fanless ↔
K4592x92x25not included
K4892x92x25not included
KD2070x70x15 Fanless
KD2170x70x15 Fanless
KD2270x70x15 Fanless
KS10Completely fanless ↔
NC01U 65x60x7 Fanless
NC01U3 65x60x7 Fanless
NC01U5 65x60x7 Fanless
NC01U7 65x60x7 Fanless
NC02U 65x60x7 Fanless
NC02U3 65x60x7 Fanless
NC02U5 65x60x7 Fanless
NC02U7 65x60x7 Fanless
NC03U 65x60x7 Fanless
NC03U3 65x60x7 Fanless
NC03U5 65x60x7 Fanless
NC03U7 65x60x7 Fanless
NS02ACompletely fanless ↔
NS02ECompletely fanless ↔
P20UCompletely fanless ↔
P51UCompletely fanless ↔
P90UCompletely fanless ↔
P90U3Completely fanless ↔
P90U5Completely fanless ↔
SA76G2 92x92x25 40×40
SB51G 80x80x25 40×40
SB52G2 80x80x25 40×40
SB61G2 80x80x25 40×40
SB61G2OC 80x80x25 40×40
SB61G2R 80x80x25 40×40
SB61G2V3 80x80x15 40×40
SB61G2V4 92x92x25 40×40
SB62G2 80x80x25 40×40
SB65G2 80x80x25 40×40
SB75G2 80x80x25 40×40
SB77G5 92x92x25 40×40
SB81P92x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SB83G5 92x92x25 40×40
SB83G5M 92x92x25 40×40
SB86i 92x92x40
SB87G5 92x92x25
SB95P92x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SD11G592x92x25 Fanless
SD30G292x92x25 40×40
SD30G2 Plus92x92x25 40×40
SD31P92x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SD32G2 92x92x25 40×40
SD32G5 92x92x25 40×40
SD36G5 92x92x25 40×40
SD36G5M 92x92x25 40×40
SD37P292x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SD39P292x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SG31G2 92x92x25 40×40
SG31G5 92x92x25 40×40
SG33G5 92x92x25 40×40
SG33G6 Deluxe 92x92x25 40×40
SG41J192x92x25not included 40×40
SG41J1 Plus92x92x25not included 40×40
SG41J1 Plus V292x92x25not included 40×40
SG41J492x92x25not included 50×50
SG45H7 92x92x25 50×50
SH110R4 92x92x25 50×50
SH170R6 92x92x25 50×50
SH370R6 92x92x25 50×50
SH370R6 Plus 92x92x25 50×50
SH370R8 92x92x25 80x80x1550×50
SH55J2 92x92x25 50×50
SH61R4 92x92x25 50×50
SH67H3 92x92x25 50×50
SH67H7 92x92x25 50×50
SH81R4 92x92x25 50×50
SH87R6 92x92x25 50×50
SH97R6 92x92x25 50×50
SK21G 92x92x25 40×40
SK22G2 92x92x25 40×40
SK41G 80x80x25 40×40
SK43G 80x80x25 40×40
SK83G 92x92x25 40×40
SN21G5 92x92x25 40×40
SN25P92x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SN26P92x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SN27P292x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SN41G2 80x80x15 40×40
SN41G2B 80x80x15 40×40
SN41G2V2 80x80x15 40×40
SN41G2V3 80x80x15 40×40
SN45G 80x80x15 40×40
SN45GT 80x80x15 40×40
SN45GV2 80x80x15 40×40
SN45GV2D 80x80x15 40×40
SN45GV3 80x80x15 40×40
SN68PTG5 92x92x25 40×40
SN68PTG6 Deluxe 92x92x25 40×40
SN68SG2 92x92x25 40×40
SN78SH7 92x92x25 50×50
SN85G4 92x92x25 40×40
SP35P292x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SP35P2P92x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SP45H7 92x92x25 50×50
SS21T92x92x25not included
SS30G2 92x92x25 40×40
SS31T92x92x25not included
SS40G 80x80x25 40×40
SS5080x80x25not included 40×40
SS51G 80x80x25 40×40
SS51G1 80x80x25 40×40
SS51GH 80x80x25 40×40
SS56G 80x80x25 40×40
SS56GV2 80x80x15 40×40
SS56GV3 92x92x25 40×40
SS58G2 92x92x25 40×40
SS58G2SE 92x92x25 40×40
SS59G 92x92x25 40×40
SS59GV2 92x92x25 40×40
SS59GV21 92x92x25 40×40
ST20G5 92x92x25 40×40
ST61G4 80x80x25 40×40
ST61G4B 80x80x25 40×40
ST61G4VP 80x80x15 40×40
ST61G4VPB 80x80x15 40×40
ST62K 80x80x15 Fanless
SX38P2 Pro92x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SX48P2 Deluxe92x92x2570x70x15 60x60x10 (2x)80×80
SX58H7 92x92x25 50×50
SX58H7 Pro 92x92x25 50×50
SX58J3 92x92x25 50×50
SX79R5 92x92x25 50×50
SZ170R8 92x92x25 80x80x1550×50
SZ170R8V2 92x92x25 80x80x1550×50
SZ270R8 92x92x25 80x80x1550×50
SZ270R9 92x92x25 80x80x1550×50
SZ68R5 92x92x25 50×50
SZ77R5 92x92x25 50×50
SZ87R6 92x92x25 50×50
X27 40×40 Fanless
X27DCompletely fanless ↔
X50 30×30 Fanless
X50V2Completely fanless ↔
X50V2 PlusCompletely fanless ↔
X50V3Completely fanless ↔
X50V3LCompletely fanless ↔
X50V4Completely fanless ↔
X50V5Completely fanless ↔
X50V5U3Completely fanless ↔
X50V6Completely fanless ↔
X50V6U3Completely fanless ↔
X70M/S 70x70x15 Fanless
XC60JCompletely fanless ↔
XG41 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH110 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH110G 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH110V 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH170V 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH270 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH310 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH310R 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH310RV 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH310V 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH370 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH61 80x80x15 Fanless
XH61V 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH81 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH81V 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XH97V 60x60x10 (2x) Fanless
XS35GTCompletely fanless ↔
XS35GTV2Completely fanless ↔
XS35V3Completely fanless ↔
XS35V3LCompletely fanless ↔
XS35V4Completely fanless ↔
XS35V5 ProCompletely fanless ↔
XS36VCompletely fanless ↔
XS36V4Completely fanless ↔
XS36V5Completely fanless ↔
XS36VLCompletely fanless ↔

usually combined with a heatpipe
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