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 ^Product Name^Type^Chipset^Ready for Kaby Lake?^BIOS version (at least)^ ​ ^Product Name^Type^Chipset^Ready for Kaby Lake?^BIOS version (at least)^ ​
 ^DH110|XPC slim|H110|✔|Version **DH110000.200** or later| ^DH110|XPC slim|H110|✔|Version **DH110000.200** or later|
-^DH110SE|:::​|:::| ✔|Version **DH110100.200** or later|+^DH110SE|:::​|H110| ✔|Version **DH110100.200** or later|
 ^DH170|:::​|H170|✔|Version **DH170000.206** or later| ^DH170|:::​|H170|✔|Version **DH170000.206** or later|
 ^DQ170|:::​|Q170|✔|Version **DQ170000.203** or later| ^DQ170|:::​|Q170|✔|Version **DQ170000.203** or later|
 ^XH110/​XH110V|:::​|H110| ✔|Version **XH110V00.200** or later| ^XH110/​XH110V|:::​|H110| ✔|Version **XH110V00.200** or later|
-^XH170V|:::​|H170||coming soon|+^XH170V|:::​|H170||Version **XH170V00.200** or later|
 ^SH110R4|XPC cube|H110|✔|Version **SH110000.200** or later| ^SH110R4|XPC cube|H110|✔|Version **SH110000.200** or later|
 ^SH170R6|:::​|H170|✔|Version **SH170000.202** or later| ^SH170R6|:::​|H170|✔|Version **SH170000.202** or later|
 ^SZ170R8|:::​|Z170|✔|Version **SZ170000.202** or later| ^SZ170R8|:::​|Z170|✔|Version **SZ170000.202** or later|
-^SZ170R8V2|:::​|:::|✔|Version **SZ170000.205** or later|+^SZ170R8V2|:::​|Z170|✔|Version **SZ170000.205** or later|
 ===== Does my Shuttle product support Ivy Bridge processors? ===== ===== Does my Shuttle product support Ivy Bridge processors? =====
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 ^ SZ68R5 | ::: | Z68 | ✔ | [[http://​global.shuttle.com/​products/​productsDownload?​productId=1572&​panelId=1|SH68R000.201]] | [[http://​global.shuttle.com/​products/​productsDownload?​productId=1572&​panelId=1|Update required]] | ^ SZ68R5 | ::: | Z68 | ✔ | [[http://​global.shuttle.com/​products/​productsDownload?​productId=1572&​panelId=1|SH68R000.201]] | [[http://​global.shuttle.com/​products/​productsDownload?​productId=1572&​panelId=1|Update required]] |
 ^ SZ77R5 | ::: | Z77 | ✔ | [[http://​global.shuttle.com/​products/​productsDownload?​productId=1581&​panelId=1|SZ77R000.108]] | - | ^ SZ77R5 | ::: | Z77 | ✔ | [[http://​global.shuttle.com/​products/​productsDownload?​productId=1581&​panelId=1|SZ77R000.108]] | - |
 +===== General Overclocking Warning =====
 +Please note there is a certain risk involved with overclocking,​ including adjusting the settings in the BIOS or using third-party overclocking tools. Overclocking may affect your system stability or even cause damage of the components and devices of your system. It is done at your own risk and expense. Shuttle cannot be held responsible for possible damage caused by overclocking.
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