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 ====== Maintenance-related FAQs ====== ====== Maintenance-related FAQs ======
 +===== How do I clean a Shuttle XPC all-in-one? =====
 +**Proceed as follows to clean the device:**
 +  - First switch off the device and unplug the DC power cord.
 +  - Use a soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning; a clean microfibre cloth is ideal.
 +    * A dry cloth is generally sufficient.
 +    * To achieve a better cleaning effect, the cloth can be slightly wet with water.
 +    * For disinfection, a cleaning agent containing alcohol (max. 75%) may be used.
 +    * Never spray cleaning agent directly onto the monitor, but just onto the cloth.
 +    * Sweep the cloth carefully across the monitor from top to bottom.
 +    * If you have dampened the cloth slightly, you should then use a second soft and dry cloth to reliably remove all moisture.
 +  - The best way to clean crevices, corners or sockets is to use a soft brush carefully.
 +    * When you do this, hold the brush as upright as possible so that only the bristles of the brush touch the device and the surround of the bristles cannot scratch the surface.
 +  - If dust accumulates in the ventilation slots, it should be sucked out using a brush attachment.
 +    * When you do this, make sure that the vacuum cleaner attachment does not touch the device.
 +**Important warnings:**
 +<WRAP important 70%>
 +**Do not use** any cleaning agents that are not suitable for LCDs. To do this, check the product specifications.
 +**Avoid** the following cleaning agents, because they may damage the monitor and chassis:
 +  * Agents which contain solvents, for example gasoline, acetone, paint thinner
 +  * Agents which contain acid, for example vinegar or citric acid
 +  * Agents which contain abrasive particles
 +  * Car care products such as car polish or car wax
 +<WRAP alert 70%>
 +**Caution:** The openings at the side and rear are not protected against dust or moisture.
 +Current Shuttle all-in-one PCs (XPC all-in-one X50 series from V4, P20U, P90U, P51U) are protected according to the IP54 standard.
 +Bear in mind that the IP54 certification **only applies to the front** of the device:
 +  * In relation to solids: Protected to a limited extent against the ingress of dust
 +  * In relation to liquids: Protection against any splashing water, protected to a limited extent against the ingress of moisture
 ===== CMOS Battery Information ===== ===== CMOS Battery Information =====
 ==== What is CMOS? ==== ==== What is CMOS? ====
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 | |DL10J|SB52G2| | |DL10J|SB52G2|
 | |DQ170|SB61G2| | |DQ170|SB61G2|
-| |DS43|SB65G2|+| |DS437|SB65G2|
 | |DS437T|SB75G2| | |DS437T|SB75G2|
 | |DS47|SB77G5| | |DS47|SB77G5|
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