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D230 Mobile this is the universal tool for initial setup and content management for the D230 “stand-alone” model. Get the app here: Google Play or App Store

D230 Tool This one is required for setting up a D230 to be connected to a server (requires a different firmware). Get the app here: Google Play or App Store

Make sure images and videos have these dimensions for borderless playback.

LandscapeAspect ratioRight 90° / Left 90°Aspect ratio
Full screen/1 segment1920 × 158 px960:79158 × 1920 px79:960
2 segments960 × 158 px480:79158 × 960 px79:480
3 segments640 × 158 px320:79158 × 640 px79:320
4 segments480 × 158 px240:79158 × 480 px79:240


4 segments @ 480×158 px 3 segments @ 640×158 px 2 segments @ 960×158 px 1 segments @ 1920×158 px


4 segments @ 158×480 px 3 segments @ 158×640 px 2 segments @ 158×960 px 1 segment @ 158×1920 px

There are no enhanced graphic or video editing skills required to create content for the D230. Here are a few tips:

For image and video editing, the PC is a reliable platform for which many free and commercial software packages and tools are available. Our choice for images and photos is XnView and for videos we have opted for Avidemux.

Other programs for photo and video editing include:


  1. Please install and start XnView.
  2. Open the image file you want to edit.
  3. Depending on the motif, you will need to resize, crop or even both.
    Cropping means, you are removing a part of the image, with resizing, you are keeping the whole image intact while just making it smaller.
  4. In this example we need to reduce the size of a very large photo first by opening the resize menu by pressing Shift + s.
  5. Please enter 600 in the Width field, the height below will automatically be reduced to keep the same ratio. Now please press OK.
  6. Now press Shift + x to enter crop mode.
  7. Please fill these two fields with 480 and 158 (for the 4 segments horizontally template).
  8. You can move the selected area with your mouse now (don't touch the 6 white squares to keep the right format) to the right place.

    By hovering outside the selected area, the mouse pointer changes to a rotation tool that may be helpful for picking the best view.
  9. Once you have made your choice, please click Save selection as… to save this area as a separate file.


For these instructions, we are using a standard video file in 1920×1080 as an example. Our D230 template is subdivided into 4 segments.

  1. Please install and start Avidemux.
  2. Open the video file you want to edit.
  3. Change Video Output to Mpeg4 AVC (x264) and Output Format to MP4 Muxer.
  4. Click on Filters (below Video Output).
  5. Choose Transform and double-click on swsResize from the Available Filters column.
  6. Change both Source and Destination to 1:1.
  7. Enter 480 to Width (Height will automatically be changed to 270 accordingly) and press OK.
  8. Double-click on Crop from the Available Filters column.
  9. Enter 56 to the Top and Bottom field (or two other values that add up to 112).
  10. The Active Filters column should look like this now:
  11. By clicking the Preview button you can preview the result of your configuration.
  12. Click on Close, if you are fine with the result.
  13. Press the disk icon to set a file name for the new video.
  14. The Save button starts the encoding process.

With the biggest market share, powerful Android-based mobile devices can be used for image and video editing as well. There are many free and commercial apps and tools available. Our choice for images and photos is TBA and for videos, we have opted for TBA.






Apple's iOS is a widely used mobile platform for which many free and paid apps are available. Our recommendation to deal with images and photos is this app: Image Size

  1. Please install and open the app on your device.
  2. Open the image file you want to edit.
  3. Define the height and width of the image.
    Which pixel sizes are supported by the D230? click here.
  4. Crop the image with your fingers by using multi-touch gestures.
  5. Save it directly on your iPhone/iPad



To make videos match the D230's vertical resolution of 158 pixels, you need to create your content in exactly the following formats. Otherwise you need to resize and crop existing media accordingly. If you intend to display content in vertical alignment, you will have to flip width and height.

Original aspect ratioTargeted # of segmentsHeight after resizing to correct widthTo be cropped from top and bottom
16:94480 × 270 px112 px (56 px + 56 px)
3640 × 360 px202 px (101 px + 101 px)
2960 × 540 px382 px (191 px + 191 px)
11920 × 1080 px922 px (461 px + 461 px)
4:34480 × 360 px202 px (101 px + 101 px)
3640 × 480 px322 px (161 px + 161 px)
2960 × 720 px562 px (281 px + 281 px)
11920 × 1440 px1282 px (641 px + 641 px)

Please refer to the below table which lists the D230 app's permission requirements.

AndroidD230 MobilePhotos, Media and Files
D230 ToolPhotos, Media and Files
iOSD230 MobilePhotos
D230 Tool
  • Both the D230 mobile and tool app will ask for permission to access “Location” and “Photos, Media and Files” when the apps are installed and run for the first time. Please grant permission.
  • Both the D230 mobile and tool app will ask for permission to access “Location” when the apps are installed and run for the first time. Please grant permission.
  • When the D230 mobile app is used to create a project using photo and video files, the D230 mobile app will ask for permission to access “Photos”. Please grant permission.
  1. Save the logo file on the SD card (resolution of image file must be 1920 × 158 px).
  2. Insert the SD card into the slot on the D230.
  3. The D230 automatically saves the logo image file in the default folder on the SD card.
  4. Please reboot the D230 to read and load the new logo and to complete the replacement process.

:!: Please note: The file format must be either jpg or png. The file name is set as follows: Landscape: d230_logo_l Portrait: d230_logo_p

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