For Windows ME, Windows 2000 (+SP3), and Windows XP; driver will be automatically detected when the PC12 is installed. Other operating systems will need to install drivers.

Firmware update procedure:

Note: This utility is only supported by Windows XP/ME/98SE.

  1. Download the flash utility updater by clicking the link here.
  2. Run the “Flash Update Utility (setup.exe)”. Follow the on screen instructions. The Setup program will make a shortcut on desktop called “Test Program”.
  3. Check that the PC12 is connected to the computer and properly recognized. To check, open the device manager in control panel and look for it under the universal serial bus controller item.
  4. Double click the “Test Program” icon on desktop.
  5. Select the appropriate device and press “Download” to update firmware. If “Download Message” shows “F/W Download OK”, please press “Exit” and restart the computer to complete all update procedure.

  • Last modified: 2016/07/15 12:20
  • by Shuttle