You may have missed to remove the transparent protection foil from the cover of the speakers located at the bottom of your All-in-One PC.

  1. Open the eGalaxy touch tool.
  2. Go to the “Display” tab, confirm the main screen is the one of the X50V5.
    Check the option “Enable Multiple Monitors” and “Map to main display if system has only one display monitor”, and then click “Apply”.
  3. The tool will now confirm the settings and ask you to do calibrate the display again. Please click “Yes” and “OK”.
  4. Please go to the “Tools” tab and click “4 Points Calibration” to adjust the touchscreen.
  5. Once the adjustment is properly performed, please click “OK”.
  6. Finished. With the above steps done, you won't need to go through this process again if an external monitor is connected.
  • Last modified: 2018/07/16 12:47
  • by christian