The Intel Ultra ATA driver enables RAID functions. If you are not using these functions, please ignore this driver.

Shuttle has engineered an innovative method for delivering more power to PCI-E cards. If you are experiencing problems with a no-post screen or system instability when using a PCI-E graphics card, please use the FDD power cable that comes with the product and connect the FDD power connector from the cable with the ATX3 (red) connector on the motherboard. This will prevent this problem when power-hungry PCI-E VGA cards will be introduced in the future.

Under normal conditions, you will not need to use this connector.

Yes, but first you will need to update your BIOS to the latest version as well as install the Intel IAA Utility version 4.5 or later. You are now ready to enable the Hot-Plug feature in BIOS.

To install the Intel Chipset drivers on the SB95P after a Windows XP installation, please install Service Pack 1 (SP 1) first. SP 1 can be downloaded from the Microsoft website and installs in a couple of minutes. SP 1 optimizes Windows XP to support the latest hardware, such as the 925X/XE chipset. After installing SP 1, please insert the driver CD and follow the onscreen instructions.

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