SD30G2 Plus

The maximum size of a card that fits in the G-Series is 206 mm (L) × 98 mm (H) × 16 mm (D). But due to the different layout designs of each model and VGA card, we strongly suggest to check our VGA support list for each model or test before purchasing the VGA card.

If the BIOS version SD30S1A7.BIN is used, the system will auto-detect compatible 800 MHz memory at a frequency of 667 MHz even if the Optimized Default settings are loaded in the BIOS. This is normal, as this system is optimized to work with memory clocked at 667 MHz for security reasons. It is still possible to run 800 MHz memory, however this will be clocked down to 667 MHz.

With certain memory modules it is possible to overclock the memory to 800 MHz.

Please keep in mind that this is only possible with selected memory modules. Some memory brands may not be compatible with this system and you will not be able to overclock them to 800 MHz.

To find out if your system is able to do this with your particular memory, please go to the Frequency/Voltage Control section in the BIOS, locate the DRAM Timings, change it from “By SPE,” to “Manual.” In the same section, please navigate to “System Memory Frequency” and change the setting to 800 MHz or 834 MHz depending on what is available. Then press F10 to Save and Quit the BIOS. The system will now reboot and should show the change of memory frequency as described above.

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