SG41J1 Plus V2

The R4 (and similar) front panel comes with a removable acrylic plate which allows for creating individual front designs. Simply change the mylar and add your design such as a photo, graphics or a company logo to the front panel in just a few steps.

With this empty PDF template in A4 format, you can design and print a perfectly fitting front panel of the J1, J4 und R4 chassis every major graphic design software.

In case you want to create a design from scratch, use these information:

All dimensions in millimetres (mm)

Supports dual-slot graphics cards

The Shuttle XPC Barebone SG41J1 series supports large dual-slot graphics cards which occupy two slots. Please note that using such a card will block the second slot which means you won't be able to use it for any other expansion card.

Maximum dimensions for graphics cards: 273 x 98 x 38 mm

Despite the small cubic format, XPCs still support large graphics cards. Please note that graphics cards of the same chip may still differ in size.

Is the 250 W power supply sufficient enough?

Manufacturers of graphics cards explain what minimum power a PC's power supply must be able to deliver to ensure stable operation. For example, it is 250 W for ATI's Radeon HD5770. Shuttle's SG41J1 series, however, is equipped with a 300 W power supply which meets the requirements of all the graphics cards listed on the Shuttle compatibility list of the SG41J1. The barebone's power supply was especially designed for such a small system and tailored to its power needs.

Compatibility list

Please find compatible components like processors and graphics cards on the support list at Please note that only a limited choice of components available on the market can be tested. Naturally, the list is kept up to date and extended constantly when new components become available.

Power supply upgrade

The Shuttle XPC SG41J1 series already supports several powerful dual-slot graphics cards out of the box. However, it does not provide additional power connectors for graphics cards (6-pin or 8-pin). A power supply upgrade is required for a number of graphics cards as shown in the table.

Compatibility (examples) ATI Radeon 5870
ATI Radeon 5850
ATI Radeon 5770
ATI Radeon 4850
NVIDIA GeForce 260
ATI Radeon HD4870
NVIDIA GeForce 9800GX2
ATI Radeon HD4870 X2
Shuttle XPC SilentX Power Supply PC41J
250 W
300 W
80 PLUS Bronze
500 W
80 PLUS Bronze
Additional power supply connectors for graphics cards - 6-pin (75 W)
6-pin (75 W) and 6+2-pin (150 W)

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