The R4 (and similar) front panel comes with a removable acrylic plate which allows for creating individual front designs. Simply change the mylar and add your design such as a photo, graphics or a company logo to the front panel in just a few steps.

With this empty PDF template in A4 format, you can design and print a perfectly fitting front panel of the J1, J4 und R4 chassis every major graphic design software.

In case you want to create a design from scratch, use these information:

All dimensions in millimetres (mm)

The maximum size of a card that fits in the J-Series is 273 mm (L) × 98 mm (H) × 38 mm (D). But due to the different layout designs of each model and VGA card, we strongly suggest to check our VGA support list for each model or test before purchasing the VGA card.

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