The maximum size of a card that fits in the G-Series is 206 mm (L) × 98 mm (H) × 16 mm (D). But due to the different layout designs of each model and VGA card, we strongly suggest to check our VGA support list for each model or test before purchasing the VGA card.

I'm missing a post screen on my newly assembled SK21G. What can be done?

There is a thermal diode underneath the CPU socket, please slightly push the CPU on to its socket without applying excessive force. Also make sure there is no gap between the CPU and its socket. Then carefully lower the socket-lever all the way down until it reaches horizontal position and lock it so it holds the CPU securely in place.

For the AMD Turion 64 CPU to run normally, please download and install the AMD Turion 64 CPU drivers from the AMD website first. Windows XP differentiates between a processor's current speed and its maximum speed. In computers that use processor-throttling technology (such as the Intel SpeedStep or AMD PowerNow! technology), the processor's current speed may be different from its maximum speed. The processor's speed may be reduced to conserve battery life. If Windows XP queries the processor to determine its maximum speed while the processor is in a throttled (or reduced-speed) state, Windows XP reports a processor speed that is lower than the processor's actual maximum speed.

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