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 ====== SN21G5 ====== ====== SN21G5 ======
 {{section>faq:xpc_cube:sg33g5#post_issuejp4_jumper_setting_for_shuttle_g5_models&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}} {{section>faq:xpc_cube:sg33g5#post_issuejp4_jumper_setting_for_shuttle_g5_models&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}}
 +===== Why I can't get online with my DSL after standby or hibernate? =====
 +If you can not get online with your DSL after standby or hibernate, please try to disable networking controller save power function.
 +Enter ''Power Management'' function: ''Control Panel''->''System''->''Hardware''->''Device Manager''->''Network adapters''->''nVidia nForce Networking Controller'' and disable it.
 +===== How come when I only DIMM 2 slot memory limitations? =====
 +There are some limitations with Athlon 64 socket 939, the DIMM 2 slot in the SN21G5 has limited functionality when only one RAM module is installed. Note, that when two modules are installed, this RAM issue disappears, and the SN21G5 functions completely normally in dual-channel mode. For this reason we suggest that you install any RAM module into the DIMM 1 slot first, reserving the DIMM 2 slot for the second module or future upgrades.  
 +Memory configuration table:
 +^DIMM 1^DIMM 2^
 +|Single Side|✘|
 +|Double Side|✘|
 +|Single Side|Single Side|
 +|Single Side|Single Side|
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
 {{backlinks>.}} {{backlinks>.}}
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