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 {{section>faq:xpc_cube:sg33g5#post_issuejp4_jumper_setting_for_shuttle_g5_models&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}} {{section>faq:xpc_cube:sg33g5#post_issuejp4_jumper_setting_for_shuttle_g5_models&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}}
 {{section>faq:xpc_cube:sn95g5#what_to_do_if_experience_continuous_rebooting_problem_after_pair_with_cr40&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}} {{section>faq:xpc_cube:sn95g5#what_to_do_if_experience_continuous_rebooting_problem_after_pair_with_cr40&firstseconly&nofooter&noeditbutton&noreadmore}}
 +===== How to use nVidia nView Multi-Display Technology on SN21G5? =====
 +In order for you to use Multi-Display Technology on SN21G5, you will need to have below steps:
 +  - With onboard VGA and two other nVidia's video card. PCI (one video output) and PCI-E (with 2 video outputs).
 +  - Please enter into BIOS and enable ''Onboard'' function on ''Init Display First''.
 +  - Enter ''PnP/PCI Configurations'' \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_01.jpg?nolink&300|}}
 +  - Enable ''Onboard'' function. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_02.jpg?nolink&300|}}
 +  - Then install display card (For example: Onboard VGA, Geforce4 MX 440(PCI slot) and Geforce4 6600GT(PCI-E slot).) related drivers and monitors.
 +  - After enter Windows, right-click to select "nVidia display" to see 4 monitors. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_03.jpg?nolink&300|}}
 +  - Right-click the desktop, and then click "Properties". In "Display Properties" dialog box, click the "Settings" tab. Click the "Display" list and select your external monitor. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_04.jpg?nolink&300|}}
 +  - Select the "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" option, click "Apply" or "OK". \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_05.jpg?nolink&300|}}
 +  - Follow above steps of all other monitors. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_06.jpg?nolink&300|}}
 +  - After this you can use nVidia nView Multi-Display Technology on SN21G5.
 +NOTE: You can visit http://www.nvidia.com/object/feature_nview.html to understand nVidia nView Multi-Display Technology. nVidia GPUs are enabled to support multi-displays, but graphics cards vary. Please verify multi-display support in the graphics card before purchasing. 
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