SP35P2 Pro

The SP35P2 Pro and V2 Barebones use the P35 Express Chipset. The Intel P35 Express Chipset supports the new dual-channel DDR3 memory technology while also maintaining support for DDR2 memory which is the type of memory implemented in the SP35P2 Series of barebones.

The Intel P35 Express Chipset operates at a lower memory voltage, resulting in approximately 20% lower power consumption and reduced heat dissipation, but delivers higher bandwidth, faster system performance, and higher performance per watt than its predecessors.

As implemented in the SP35P2 Pro and V2 Barebones, these barebones can use up to 8GB of memory on their motherboards. Please note, however, that to fully utilize the 8GB of RAM, a 64 bit operating system is recommended.

  • Last modified: 2015/09/09 14:38
  • by Shuttle