1. Open the two NC03U covers from both sides.
  2. Disconnect current WLAN antenna connector.
  3. Undo three screws and remove the mainboard out of the chassis.
  4. Gently open the perforations for the WLAN antennas in the NC03U chassis.

  5. Unpack the Shuttle WLN-M accessory.
  6. Use the short cables (21 and 29 cm) from the WLN-M accessory. Put the SMA connectors of the antenna cables into the holes and fix them.
  7. Insert the mainboard again and fix it with three screws.
  8. Remove the currrent WLAN card. Insert the new WLAN card from the WLN-M accessory kit. Connect two antenna cables to the IPEX4 ports of the WLAN card.
  9. Install the chassis cover to the NC03U.
  10. Mount the two antennas to the SMA connectors - ready.
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