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 ^HDMI CEC Support? |✘|✔| ^HDMI CEC Support? |✘|✔|
 ^LTE Modem Support?​|✘|Customized OEM Firmware required| ^LTE Modem Support?​|✘|Customized OEM Firmware required|
-^Touchscreen Support?​[[faq:​xpc_nano:​ns02a#​Are_multi-touch_panels_supported?​|*info*]]|✔|✔|+^Touchscreen Support?(([[faq:​xpc_nano:​ns02a#​Are_multi-touch_panels_supported?​|Learn more about multi-touch panel support here]]))|✔|✔|
 ^USB camera Support?​|✘|Firmware **20190530** or above| ^USB camera Support?​|✘|Firmware **20190530** or above|
 ^Google Play Services|✘|✘| ^Google Play Services|✘|✘|
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