1. Please prepare capacity of more than 2G USB flash drive.
  2. First please format your USB flash drive (the USB flash drive that must be format to FAT32 file system).

    Warning: This step will clean all the data in the USB flash drive, if there are important data in the USB flash drive, please backup them first.

  3. Please download the firmware files OTA_SD_USB.zip from our download page.
  4. Unzip the firmware file OTA_SD_USB.zip into your USB flash drive.
  5. Copy the update firmware file in the OTA_SD_USB folder, and then paste it into the root directory under the USB flash drive.

  6. Boot up the NS02 SERIES, you can see the Android OS screen, and then press the icon in the red box from below pictures.

  7. Please record the current firmware version number, when the firmware update is complete, it can be compared with the new firmware version number, and then you can confirm whether the update is successful.
  8. Please plug USB flash drive into NS02 SERIES USB port, and then firmware update screen will appear after about 5 seconds, please press Install.
  9. Updating firmware.

  10. Firmware update is successful, please press Yes, avoid system raised the requirement to firmware update again.
  11. Repeat step 6, go to the following screen, you can compare the new firmware version number with the old firmware version number, and then you can confirm whether the update is successful.

An Android image with root privileges is available on request. Please contact our Support-Team for more information.

Preparation: Please be sure your firmware version is from date 20170427 or above

This is the navigation bar:

  1. Please press 7 times on build number to activate the developer menu (About tablet → Build number)

  1. Go to Settings → Developer options

  1. Deactivate “Show Navigation Bar”

The follow ports must be open on your network, to upload projects from smartphones/tablets to the NS02.

  • 53034 TCP
  • 53035 TCP
  • 53037 TCP