All Shuttle PC products with socket LGA 1151v2 are prepared to support the 9th generation Intel Core processors, also called “Coffee Lake Refresh”, which Intel released in Q4 2018. However, some steps need to be done before the PC can boot with this kind of processors.

  1. Please enter the BIOS setup program to check your current BIOS version.
  2. If the BIOS needs to be updated, please download the latest BIOS file from https://global.shuttle.com/support/download.
  3. The BIOS Update must be done with a compatible 8th generation Intel Core processor (“Coffee Lake”).
Product NameTypeChipsetBIOS version (at least)
DH310XPC slim (1.3L)H310Version DH310000.105 or later
DH310V2Version DH310200.101 or later
DH310SVersion DH310100.103 or later
DH370H370Version DH370000.102 or later
SH310R4XPC cubeH310Version SH310000.102 or later
SH370R6H370Version SH370000.105 or later
SH370R6 PlusVersion SH370000.105 or later
SH370R8Version SH370200.102 or later
XH310XPC slim (3L)H310Version XH310200.105 or later
XH310VVersion XH310200.105 or later
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