With commercial software solutions such as DVR-Provider 3, managing film collections and streaming them is child's play. DVR-Provider 3 makes your own library of previously added films available to all playback devices in the LAN or WLAN via UPnP. The powerful DH470, for example, is suitable as a reliable streaming server.

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This program is used to manage your own film collection. Instead of browsing through long lists of file names as with conventional UPnP servers, with the DVR-Provider 3 you search and filter according to extensive criteria. It takes only a few minutes to collect all the videos in the home network. You only define in the program where films are located (e.g. local hard drive, USB drive or NAS) and the DVR-Provider 3 scans these sources. It retrieves all available information from the internet in seconds via the file name, which should correspond to the film title. Nothing is changed or saved on the data carriers. The DVR-Provider 3 manages everything in its own area, with a local database (approx. 5 MB for 1000 films) and a directory for saved film covers (1 MB per film).

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