The DS77U Series can be used with up to three displays simultaneously. Due to the design of the Intel chipset, please be aware of the following restrictions when setting up your monitor.

  • The DisplayPort (DP) has no audio function. Please use HDMI for displays/TVs with integrated speakers.
  • Intel Collage Mode is not available. Please use a native 4K display. Older monitors using Collage Mode are not supported.
  • PASSIVE adapters/cables cannot be used (e.g. DP→HDMI or DP→DVI). Please use a native DP connection or an ACTIVE adapter.
  • HotPlug is not supported. Please restart the system for the display to be detected.

Note: In a 3-display setup, the DP output will show no picture while booting in BIOS mode. It will be activated once the OS has loaded the display driver.

  • Last modified: 2017/06/20 12:14
  • by TS