Shuttle XPC products of the DH6xx/XH61x series support Intel Core processors of the 13th generation “Raptor Lake-S” starting with a certain firmware/BIOS version, which has been available since March 2023. During the transition phase Shuttle XPCs still come with an older firmware/BIOS version and must first be updated with the help of a Gen 12 processor “Alder Lake-S”.

Product NameTypeChipsetBIOS version (at least)
DH610XPC slim (1.3L)H610Version DH610000.202 or later
DH610SXPC slim (1.3L)H610Version DH610100.201 or later
DH670XPC slim (1.3L)H670Version DH670000.205 or later
XH610XPC slim (3L)H610Version XH610000.203 or later

Download the latest BIOS versions here: https://global.shuttle.com/support/download

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  • by TS