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 ====== SN21G5 ====== ====== SN21G5 ======
 +===== How to use nVidia nView Multi-Display Technology on SN21G5? ===== 
 +In order for you to use Multi-Display Technology on SN21G5, you will need to have below steps: 
 +  - With onboard VGA and two other nVidia's video card. PCI (one video output) and PCI-E (with 2 video outputs). 
 +  - Please enter into BIOS and enable ''Onboard'' function on ''Init Display First''
 +  - Enter ''PnP/PCI Configurations'' \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_01.jpg?nolink&300|}} 
 +  - Enable ''Onboard'' function. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_02.jpg?nolink&300|}} 
 +  - Then install display card (For example: Onboard VGA, Geforce4 MX 440(PCI slot) and Geforce4 6600GT(PCI-E slot).) related drivers and monitors. 
 +  - After enter Windows, right-click to select "nVidia display" to see 4 monitors. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_03.jpg?nolink&300|}} 
 +  - Right-click the desktop, and then click "Properties". In "Display Properties" dialog box, click the "Settings" tab. Click the "Display" list and select your external monitor. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_04.jpg?nolink&300|}} 
 +  - Select the "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" option, click "Apply" or "OK". \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_05.jpg?nolink&300|}} 
 +  - Follow above steps of all other monitors. \\ {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_nview_06.jpg?nolink&300|}} 
 +  - After this you can use nVidia nView Multi-Display Technology on SN21G5. 
 +NOTE: You can visit http://www.nvidia.com/object/feature_nview.html to understand nVidia nView Multi-Display Technology. nVidia GPUs are enabled to support multi-displays, but graphics cards vary. Please verify multi-display support in the graphics card before purchasing.  
 ===== Why I can't get online with my DSL after standby or hibernate? ===== ===== Why I can't get online with my DSL after standby or hibernate? =====
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 {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_hibernate_01.jpg?nolink&300|}} {{:faq:xpc_cube:sn21:sn21_hibernate_01.jpg?nolink&300|}}
 +===== How come when I only DIMM 2 slot memory limitations? =====
 +There are some limitations with Athlon 64 socket 939, the DIMM 2 slot in the SN21G5 has limited functionality when only one RAM module is installed. Note, that when two modules are installed, this RAM issue disappears, and the SN21G5 functions completely normally in dual-channel mode. For this reason we suggest that you install any RAM module into the DIMM 1 slot first, reserving the DIMM 2 slot for the second module or future upgrades.  
 +Memory configuration table:
 +^DIMM 1^DIMM 2^
 +|Single Side|✘|
 +|Double Side|✘|
 +|Single Side|Single Side|
 +|Single Side|Single Side|
 ==== Related links ==== ==== Related links ====
 {{backlinks>.}} {{backlinks>.}}
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