For the computer to have the best possible cooling effect, we strongly recommend you install the stand.

This FAQ refers to XS35, XS35GT

The XS35(GT) uses the usual standards for the SATA connectors. You can install the following drives:

  • one 2.5“ (63.6mm) notebook hard disk drive (HDD) with Standard SATA connector
  • one slim optical drive with 12.7mm height and Slimline SATA connector

Micro SATA or IDE (PATA) connectors are not supported (please see below).

Connector Support Pins Voltage Usage Photo
Standard SATA 22 total
7 data
15 power
3,3 V
5 V
12 V
2.5” (63.6mm) and 3.5“ (88.9mm) hard disks / solid state disks (SSD), standard 5.25” (133.4mm) optical drives 5
Slimline SATA 13 total
7 data
6 power
3.3 V
5 V
Optical DVD or Blu-ray drives in notebooks and nettop PCs 5
Micro SATA 16 total
7 power
7+2 voltage
5 V 1.8“ (46mm) hard disks and solid state disks (SSD) 5
IDE Slim ATA 50 total Slim optical drive with IDE (Parallel ATA) connector 5

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