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CPU-related FAQs

Most Shuttle PC products with LGA1155 socket are prepared to support the 3rd generation Intel Core processors with 22nm technology, also called “Ivy Bridge”, which Intel released in May 2012. However, some steps need to be done before the PC can boot with this kind of processors.

  1. Check the below compatibility list, if your Shuttle XPC is prepared to support Ivy Bridge processors.
  2. Enter the BIOS setup program to check the current BIOS version.
  3. If BIOS need to be updated, then please download the latest BIOS and graphics driver from The BIOS Update need to be done with a compatible 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor (32nm technology, LGA1155 socket, called “Sandy Bridge”).
Product Name Type Chipset Prepared for Ivy Bridge? BIOS version (at least) Graphics driver
XH61 XPC slim H61 - -
SH61R4 XPC cube SH61R000.201 Update required
SH67H3, SH67H7 (Version 1) H67 - -
SH67H3, SH67H7 (Version 2) SH67H000.201 Update required
SZ68R5 Z68 SH68R000.201 Update required
SZ77R5 Z77 SZ77R000.108 -

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